Polpita Car Rentals

Our main concern is the SAFETY of the client which we protect with all the resources of the company. The next main principle is being TIME conscious as time is money. Most of our clients are business people, hence our other slogan being OUR BUSINESS IS TO TAKE YOU TO YOUR BUSINESS. Main part of business is profit therefore while you conduct your business we make sure that our rates are AFFORDABLE and hence increasing your margins. Our emphasis on RELIANCE keeps us ahead of most of our competitors. All our vehicles are cleaned and dusted after every transfer and we don’t negotiate on COMFORT, we align ourselves to the client needs and requests and make such requests available based on the needs. While in our care we shall be accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week at your discretion and convenience. Despite prior arrangement being vital to us for high quality service, impromptu requests are also handled as we do not know what the day holds while conducting business


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